Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Internship~~Day 1 & 2~~!

Internship at Frost & Sullivan~! not sure if u've ever heard of it, but it's actually a consultant company.Now u might ask wat type of consultant company is it.It's a growth consultant company where "We accelerate Growth" is their tagline! Being quite big a company i expected to be a lil.....professional myself,e.g. punctuality and discipline~!and so starts my day.....

I arrived at around 8:40 am at the entrance of Block E at Plaza Mont Kiara. Although i planned to reach earlier, however due to the usual yet unpredictable jam from my area to Kerinchi link has left me unsurprised.And so i decided to meet with Chris and Ding who so happen to be interns as well there.Now as i was taking the elevator up, i got confused and went up to floor 15 instead(u can't blame me as it's just my 2nd time here).Oh well i tot i'd take the lift down instead,but the 'going down' button wasn't working~!i was told dat i had to take the elevator up b4 i can go down.and so i did.it was already 8.55am.Sadly,i arrive at another floor which wasn't the right one again~!wanting to save time from having to take the elevator up again i decided to use the stairs~!and only to find that it can only be opened from one side!!!and i thought to myself "wat an unlucky day!!!"i hastily asked chris to come out to open the door 4 me and luckily he did and i managed to reach juuuusttttt in time....8.59:50 am!!!close call!!Thank God~!!Thank Chris!!XD

it says it all~~...

We were notified to undergo a training program for 3 dayz, and b4 we were sent i was introduced to my supervisor, Melvin under the Environmental and Buildings Techonlogies(EBT).The first day of training was more on organizational informations,the mission vision,basic history,background, what frost n sullivan is and wat exactly do they do.We were also thought to use Lotus which comprises of their database and how to search for them. The 1st day was just all training and not really any real work 4 us to do.We were told to learn on the abbreviations and acronyms that the company uses for smoother transition.

Krithika( not critical as i 1st thought it was~~!)<-Head of training in APAC->

Joyce from HR(friendly and alwayz smiling person...XD)

the training room is quite spacious....and not to mention cold too~~!!brrrrhhhh.......!!

the conference room where we met Mr.Praatab(Director of Internship)

and it's got a nice view~~!!

Our 2nd day is also about training~!but 2day we're gonna learn about more detailed departments job scope.and we had games!in order to refresh us, Miss Krithika had 2 teams competing against each other in guessing the abbreviations and acronyms!!2day's session ended at 4.15pm, earlier than yesterday.So me n Dalvin(intern from uniten and same department as well) decided to BING our supervisor and asks if there's anytin 4 us to do(hardworking kidz we are!!XD).and he came over from block E(we're situated at Block C) and brief us a bit on wat we should do.warming-up exercises....haha.....hope all goes well!!i wanna achieve a good MoP(measurement of performance!!)

my desk....

and yes we hav our own email and mine's at junyuan.chooi@frost.com ...XD i even have my own extension number...wahahaha.....overall it's tiring....yes of course....but i'm sure we'll learn a great deal from here....for now it's over n out~~!!till next time~!!

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